Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Fun

Love Summer Nights

Me & Dave on the Ferris Wheel at Spanish Fork Fiesta Days!
I'm not going to lie, I actually got butterflies going on the ferris wheel. That tells ya how long
it's been since I've been to an amusement park. I was holding on for dear life! :)

My sister & her friend Cierra decided to have a little get away from Wyoming and come
 visit us. We had a great time just kickin back, eating lots and watching Dave try to
 catch some fish at Utah Lake. We didn't last long at the lake, mostly because we were getting
depressed watching all the people go out on their boats while we were stuck on shore.
BOO We need a boat!

The weekend of the 4th of July we hung out with the Beagley family. We had some delicious food
and headed up to Payson Lakes, where we didn't catch a single fish. It might have been because we were getting our lines crossed and tangled more than anything but hey at least we were with amazing company.

My family had a little get away to Bear Lake the end of July. We had such a fun & relaxing time.
We rented a boat and did some wake boarding, tubing and knee boarding. Dave even tried water skiing which he pretty much rocked at. We had an intense game of volleyball (without a net) there was some
major cheating going on.. :) I had a lot more pictures on Daves camera but there was a mis-
communication and they were deleted before they got to the computer OOPS. We had an amazing time
with the fam and I'm already on countdown till next year!

Girls Night Out
I saw that Tim McGraw was coming to concert on the 6th of August, which just happened to be my
sister's 18th Birthday. So I got her and my friends together and we had a Girls Night Out. We wanted to get some good seats on the lawn so we decided we would go early to get in line. WOW! was it a scorcher!
But it was well worth the 3 hour wait in the 95 degree heat. We met up with our cousin Tyson, his girlfriend, her mom & friends. We had an amazing time dancing and singing our hearts out the entire night.
We definitely made some great memories with some incredible people.

I am so incredibly grateful for all the amazing people in my life.
I love you guys with all my heart!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Watch Out World

Lexi's Graduated!!

I am so extremely proud of my little sister. She has already accomplished so much, she graduated High School with just one semester shy of her associates degree in nursing which she will have the end of fall semester. She is truly an amazing, loving, caring and true person. I couldn't be more proud and blessed to have her as my sister..

Lexi heading off to Graduate!
Yep that is the entire LSRVHS Graduating Class of 2011
Love them more than words can say!!
*Proud Parents*
Lex, Me & Cierra
~Love you girls~
Lexi & Chase at the Graduation BBQ

Delani, Lex & Cierra piggin out
How cute is this cake!!
Cutting the cake

Congrats Lex!
You are going to do great things in life, reach for the stars***
You are one in a million!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vegas Wedding!!!

Luckily for us Dave's brother Shane & his fiance Alicia decided to skip all the stress of planning a wedding and went for a Vegas Wedding!! We were so excited to go to Vegas, I'm pretty sure we started a 2 month countdown.. :) And it didn't let us down! We had such a blast with our amazing family and friends.

Colby, Autie, Dave & Me
You can't go to Vegas without some pool time!
We were waiting for our car to go to Pink Taco..
 MMMM So Good!
Dave & I at dinner


 Autie, Leash & Me in the limo on the way to the wedding!
Dave & Me at their wedding
Congrats Shane & Alicia!
You will be blessed with love & happiness forever!
We are so thankful that you shared your special day with us, we couldn't be happier for you guys!!


Me, Leash & Autie playing some slots

We went to the Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill and we had SOOO much fun! From the atmosphere, to the drinks & all the food, to Todd giving some bachlorette party a show and of course the GREAT company. 


Then we went to some dive karaoke bar and got some pretty good laughs. Mostly at Dave cause we
( I mean Autum) signed Dave up to sing a Backstreet Boys song that he had never heard in his life, the poor guy couldn't find a tune for the life of him but he sure tried!! I love ya hunny! :) Todd got up and dedicated his song to the bride and groom. Shane dedicated his to his new wifey. And then there was Justin who was another victom of someone choosing a song for him- Like a Virgin by Madonna haha he rocked it!  And Amy & Alicia rocked the whole night up in front dancing and singing their hearts out!


Thank you to our amazing friends and family for an incredible weekend in Vegas!
Many more adventures to come!

A Day In Park City

Park City is definitely one of my favorite places, it is BEAUTIFUL!!
My aunt got married at the amazing Hotel Park City, probably the best and most beautiful hotel I have EVER been to.. I LOVED IT!! The best thing was having my family come down for the weekend. I can't even explain how happy I get when they come down. I literally sit and stare out the window waiting for them to pull in the drive way..  :) Like always we had a great family funfilled weekend! Love them!!

Dave & Me in the foyer of Hotel Park City.
Lex, Walker & Me in front of the huge gorgeous fireplace
Dad & Mom at the wedding
The best looking guys around!!
Mom, Lex & Me
I'm so incredibly lucky to have these girls in my life!
Yep I couldn't resist the pool, it just kept calling my name!
This place is absolutely amazingly beautiful!!

Congrats to my Aunt Marchel and her husband Tim.
 Wishing you a wonderful beginning,
 and love to last a lifetime!

Someone's getting older..... :)

Happy Birthday Dave
On May 1st Dave turned 25 years old!!  But if you ask him he says he still feels 17!! :)

 The only candle I had was a #5. Hey it works!!
He got a lead sled to target practice.....
& a new quiver for his bow. And YES they were wrapped in camo of course!!
      We celebrated again with the Dave & Shane with... YES a pink confetti cake!!

Happy Birthday Dave & Shane
We Love You Guys!

Friday, April 29, 2011

HoPpY EaStEr

I'm usually pretty good at getting gifts for every holiday but this Easter I was quite the procrastinator and ended up going to the store the day before Easter and I had no idea what to get Dave so when I saw the movie Country Strong I was like that's it, he really liked the movie and had said he was going to buy it when it came out. WELL ....... We woke up on Easter Sunday to find that we both bought eachother the same movie!! haha we got a pretty good laugh out of it. We went up to the Beagley's house later that day for the guys to play their first game of basketball for the season, they have been dying to play but the weather just hasn't been cooperating. We ended Easter with a very yummy ham dinner that Alicia & Justin made. Thanks guys we had such a fun day!  

Gracie blowing bubbles that she got for Easter
Alicia & I can not stop laughing when we watch these guys play.
Alicia, Kanyon & Me
We love these guys!!